Book Cover + Interior

Poetry has always been one of my favourite outlets. Whether it be reading or writing, I have always loved flipping through the pages or writing a few stanzas on a scrap piece of paper. Creating a concept poetry book from scratch was certainly a passion project for myself. I knew that the concept of this […]

Greeting Card

For this assignment, I had been tasked with creating a greeting card layout that featured a quotation surrounding the concept of “inclusiveness”. For this first greeting card I used a quotation from one of my favourite authors, Matt Haig from his novel “Reasons to Stay Alive”. Five students from my program were chosen to have […]


For this case study, I was tasked with creating a menu design layout for a minimal, industrial style restaurant concept. In order to effectively create a design that matched the restaurant concept, I took inspiration from architectural design features such as, dark furnishings, light hardwood, exposed brick, and large floor to ceiling windows. This allowed […]

Magazine Cover

This case study, I had the opportunity to work with photographer, Olivia Chan, to bring a concept magazine cover to life. The cover was for “Entrada” magazine, which highlights aspects of design and architecture. I decided on a concept for the cover and collaborated with the photographer to obtain the shot I wanted for the […]

Resort Ad

This was a group project that I had the opportunity of working on. We had been tasked with creating a two-page advertisement spread for a resort. The theme for our resort was “adventure”, so we wanted to showcase all of the outdoor activities that could take place at our resort “Aspen Peaks Adventure Lodge”. For […]

Business Card

Creating a business card, nevertheless a logo, that best encapsulates who I am as an individual was certainly no easy feat. I found myself spending days at a time wrestling with various logo ideas, nothing quite feeling just right. Eventually, I realized what I had been looking for had been right in front of me […]