Natasha Brasnett

graphic designer

For this assignment, I had been tasked with creating a greeting card layout that featured a quotation surrounding the concept of “inclusiveness”. For this first greeting card I used a quotation from one of my favourite authors, Matt Haig from his novel “Reasons to Stay Alive”. Five students from my program were chosen to have their greeting card printed and handed out at a Creative Mornings Event, I was lucky and fortunate enough to be one of those students.

I played around with various typefaces in Adobe Illustrator that allowed me to bring this quotation to life. I then used Photoshop to place the text on an image to make it appear as though it was a part of the background.

The second greeting card I made was a personal interest project of mine, using a quotation from the song “Forevermore” by one of my favourite bands, The Maine. For this greeting card, I especially wanted to try playing around with script typefaces and integrate them with serifs and sans-serif typefaces.

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